Push Script how to?

Hello. I installed genieacs and simulator, simulator connected and it shows in devices tab. i want just to test how pushing script works. I created a reboot script in provisions tab and created also a reboot preset. so what is next? how can i push script to simulator?

That’s it. It should work now that you have a preset that triggers the script. Can you show me what your reboot script looks like?

actually i took it from github page of genieacs.
declare(“Reboot”, null, {value: Date.now()});
so after adding provision i need to add a preset right? and how can i push it to device after creating preset? i want only test how pushing script works.

You don’t push a preset. A preset maps a provision to devices based on its precondition filter. No precondition mean it’s going to be applied to all devices on every inform.