Provision doesn't fire immediately after the genieacs server restart

I made my genieacs server docker with v1.2.5. The docker image is inspired from Docker Hub

I setup the provision script and extension function. Everything runs ok until I restart the genieacs. Every time I restart the genieacs, I can still receive inform request from the device but provision script won’t be executed periodically again immediately until I wait 30 mins or a hour.

Here is my preset. The kz provision script will be executed every 90s until I restart the genieacs server.

How do I make the provision script run immediately after the change or server restart?
Any environment variables to doing that?


hi, good morning. Can u send u r provision script

The only thing that can block a preset from being executed for a given device is the presence of a fault.

@soban @zaidka

So sorry for the late reply. I didn’t enable the notification before. Here is my kz provision script.

sorry for hiding the some infor due to the security reason.

Basically, what the provision script did is that get all the data from the device if OUT match and send to the server.
I have two ext function: graphql request and redis set.

The script is running ok if nothing change. However if I only reboot the genieacs docker server without changing other things. After device show up again on the genieacs server gui, I need to wait at least 30 mins or 1 hour to see the provision script runs again.

We are testing the genieacs and will scale up with a large amount of the devices if everything goes well.
This is probably the last issue to block me.


Here is the genieacs-cwmp-access.log during the normal operation

You can see the provision script is running because there are lots of GetParameterNames

Here is the genieacs-cwmp-access.log after the genieacs docker server reboot and device show up.

It looks like the genieacs server is receiving device inform but the provision script doesn’t run with not fault.

Thank u so much

docker is compulsory ?

At current stage, I would say I have no reason not using it.

Docker provide an isolated environment to help me easy config and better control the genieacs server. I used the genieacs source code and build up in the docket container. The normal operation works fine.

The provision script issue here should also called improvement.

Docker is not mandatory. We aren’t using it :).

We are not using docker yet for genieacs. But we are using it for some additional services around genieacs, like grafana and influxdb.

If a conventional or container based deployment is more appropriate for depends on many things.
I plan using a container based micro service oriented approach for new service.