Problem chaging Wifi Settings

I´ve been changed the SSID and Key Passphrase using API ( Php+Curl ).
:+1:Received http 200.
After that, at UI GenieACS, the KeyPassphrase was correct, but not changed in the router. :thinking:


GenieACS will not change a value in the CPE if it thinks the value matches the desired value. For example, if your are trying to set the SSID on a CPE to “Super Awesome WiFi” and the SSID value in the ACS says “Super Awesome WiFi”, then GenieACS will not do a set parameter values for the SSID, even if what the CPE has is different. There are two work arounds for this.

Option 1, refresh the SSID/passphrase before setting them. This is how I handle the issue. Be aware though that when you refresh any password field, according to the spec the CPE is supposed to return a blank value.

Option 2, set the SSID/passphrase to random values, then immediately set them to the correct values. Because of timing issues, this may not always work. All of the CPEs I’ve dealt with essentially reboot the radio when you change those values. So because of timing issues, it might not work. My suggestion is to go with option 1.