Preset Weight issue - genie1.2

hello community, on newer version 1.2 the the presets weights doesn’t work, could be a bug or something change on this version? or maybe I mistake the config?

Can you elaborate more? Would be great if you can share examples that work correctly in v1.1 but not in v1.2.

Thanks for the reply.
I have two preset weighing 100 and 200 with same preconditions, and genie match and call both every time.
Should not enter only on preset with lower weight and stop there ,
even though the second preset matchs?

Weight doesn’t mean one that only a preset with a higher weight will be called. It means the preset with the higher weight “wins” over the lower weighted preset.

Does “weight” control the order of operations? One issue that I have always had is how I can control the order certain things take place in. For instance, if I have a preset that pushes down a config on 1 BOOT based on the “Software version”, and the software upgrade just took place and so this is the first boot with the new software, it doesn’t always trigger. The issue seems to be that it checks the software version on 1 BOOT before it has refreshed the software version, it hits 1 BOOT and thinks it is on the old software version still so it doesn’t push down the config. It then refreshes and finds that the new software version is present, but it is now too late to trigger the config push, and so it doesn’t get pushed unless the customer reboots the unit again or we manually trigger a reboot. I’m wondering what the best method is to handle these issues.

According to the spec, the CPE is supposed to send its sw version on every inform. So why you aren’t seeing the s/w version I’m not sure.

To the best of my knowledge, weight does not control the order of operations. I also do not know if weight is taken into account when in provision scripts. It does when doing a preset with a set operation.

I am seeing the software version, it does update on bootup and I can see the new version in GenieACS. The problem is that my preset that requires that software version does not trigger at that point. Either the device has to be rebooted again or it has to sit there until the next periodic inform happens at which point it applies the configuration. The configuration always applies correctly if the device is already at the expected version.

The behaviour makes me suspect that things are happening in the following order:

  1. Device boots up for first time on new firmware and contacts GenieACS
  2. GenieACS checks to see what presets apply and thinks that that preset does not apply because the device is not on the new firmware.
  3. GenieACS refreshes the firmware version from the device and sees that it is now the new firmware and shows the new version in the UI.
  4. Nothing happens until the next periodic inform, at which point GenieACS sees that that preset applies and finally triggers the provisioning of the configuration.

The issue is that the customer is sitting there waiting for the periodic inform for the device to complete its configuration.