Parameters WiFi

I’ve been having some doubts about the WiFi parameters, I got some devices, which are InternetGateway.LanDevice.Wlan.1. * Like 2.4Ghz, and cases where .2. * It is 5.8Ghz, and cases where 5.8 is .3. * Or .5. *. And some 2.4Ghz routers became .2. * And 5.8Ghz became .1. * And I would like to know if there is anything ever .1. * For 2.4Ghz, and .2. * For 5.8Ghz, or if this is normal for routers and you have to deal with each model yourself?

It is model/mfgr specific.

The dual band models that I dealt with had a vendor specific parameter on each WLAN instance specifying the RF band, look for something like that also.