Not able to change Device parameter on lastest git update


After last update , it this not possible to made any change over devices on “search parameters”, you click on the “pen” and nothing happens. Even on device page you can not change anything.
version is v1.2.8+20220416010543 update via Github

Tested on Chrome and Firefox over windows 10

have you found a solution for this?

No. My instalation is under debian10, no issues like this before. I testee on two diiferent servers labs (a VM and a regular PC).
I had to rollback to previois version


can you help me with that? can you post the link of old versio?

Hello, here i got a backup version 1.2.8 from november 2021.
Is the one from github with session.ts with modified line “if (sessionContext.rpcCount >= 4096)”.

(I dont know how to get the last version from github without get this lastest not stable version, if you find out please share the way.)

I uploaded on wetransfer, hope it help. You can do the “npm run build” with that

Hello @zaidka , do you have a chance to verify this? is very strange and rare that no body report this also. I check this with two instalations of my labs

Are you able to reproduce the issue in the version published on npm? Need to rule out this being caused by changes made to your own fork.

Hi zadika, first thank you to take time from you, i will test reinstalling via github from scracht, it is valid?
Btw: I only change the value if too many commits from 256 to 4096, nothing more

In that case there’s no need to test against the npm version. The changes you’ve made should have no impact on the UI side of things. Do you see any error messages in the browser’s console?

Hello, the problem is that in the browser (any) you try to click over the “pen” and nothing happens, seems that wont execute anything (as a dummy icon)

logs from UI:
2022-04-29T14:03:28.787Z [INFO] mtarifa@::ffff: Query devices; filter=“DeviceID.ID = “D4351D-FGA2233-CP2131AD61G””
2022-04-29T14:03:30.441Z [INFO] mtarifa@::ffff: Query faults; filter="_id < “D4351D-FGA2233-CP2131AD61G:zzzz” AND _id > “D4351D-FGA2233-CP2131AD61G:”"
2022-04-29T14:04:39.854Z [INFO] mtarifa@::ffff: Commit tasks; deviceId=“D4351D-FGA2233-CP2131AD61G” tasks=“626bf0762b5c176cfd79a7be”

NON-WORKING LASTEST GITUPDATE (non-work after reboot or restart genie process):
2022-04-29T14:03:20.068Z [INFO] mtarifa@::ffff: Query devices; filter=“DeviceID.ID = “100645-FAST5670-N7201256V000019"”
2022-04-29T14:03:20.835Z [INFO] mtarifa@::ffff: Query faults; filter=”_id < “100645-FAST5670-N7201256V000019:zzzz” AND _id > “100645-FAST5670-N7201256V000019:”"

Hi, sorry this are the browser (chrome) inspection captures:

Old version (ok):

New version (nok)


Hello @zaidka , do you what can be happen? also i tried on a VM and same issue is happening with the same firefox browsing to

issue fixed on today´s version.