NBI Route Config

Good Morning,
I’m trying to implement enable CPE Debug in Config → cwmp.debug with value id = ‘<device_id>’

I tried to access the route through /config, /admin/config but without success, I also tried looking in the documentation but didn’t find anything related.

Could someone tell me if it is possible to do this through NBI?

I know it’s not what you ask for but I wonder if it’s helps you:

cat /var/log/genieacs/genieacs-nbi-access.log | grep DeviceID or SN 
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Thanks for answering, but no, that way I can get it through access.log, I wanted to activate the debug denieacs-debug.yaml via NBI (API) so I don’t have to enter the acs screen go to config → add by hand .

You cannot configure the cwmp.* values via the nbi. You can however do it by doing a PUT to
https://your-acs-gui.com:3000/api/config/cwmp.debug with the desired value. Before you can do that though, you will need to hack together some code to login to the ACS and get the genieacs-ui-jwt cookie value. The body of the put request will look like this: value: "DeviceID.ID = \"E82C6D-834%2D5-8345B12345678\""

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Thank you very much, I got it here, thanks for the help.