Listing faults every time Download Operation timed out

hello everybody
The program genieacs constantly messages Download Operation timed out whether there is a way to solve this problem.
2000 Microtik routers are connected to the program

Please guide me


You are using the old GenieACS 1.1.x. You should set up a new server with GenieACS 1.2.x instead.

Do you have any documents to install ubuntu 18.04
it on?

this applies to ubuntu as well: Installation Guide — GenieACS Documentation 1.2.5 documentation

I also mentioned in the other post, if you just delete the faults, but not solve the cause why they happen, they will be back. In your case, you have a provision that initiate a firmware or config download but for some unknown reason, the download fails. What you should check:

  • is the GENIEACS_FS_HOSTNAME defined correctly
  • is the FS service running
  • do you see the download request in the FS log?

What I have seen, devices that will launch the action an then abort the connection without confirming the download.

Yes @lavira 's response links you to the install documentation.

I would actually suggest install from scratch with the new version because when you do so it will set up the database with a bunch of built in best practice provisions that you won’t have if you are upgrading from the old one.

One thing not covered in the instructions - you should install Node.JS from the nodesource repo on Ubuntu (GitHub - nodesource/distributions: NodeSource Node.js Binary Distributions), it is much easier to get GenieACS working than if you try to use the built in Node.JS.