List all active client mac addresses of all routers

How can we implement a list of active client mac addresses of all routers in geneiacs with search filter? Is it possible with virtual parameters?

Are you trying to capture the mac address of every Host behind a CPE?

For a specific enterprise SSID , we are trying to get complete active client list in a table,with search filter so as to know which cpe has the following client connected.Can you please help?.

To my knowledge, this is not possible out of the box with GenieACS. You will either have to modify the code to add this functionality, or use another system to refresh the AssociatedDevice table via the NBI and capture and index those results.

Is it possible to fetch table details that contains username to mac address mappings which is MySQL db from a different server and write to a virtual parameter with proper refresh intervals?Requesting guidance.

With custom scripting, probably. But you will need to write all of that functionality yourself in your third-party system.