Internet consumption

Hello, I’m working at an internet provider, and we need to know how to measure our customers’ internet consumption rate, for decision making.

Is there any parameter that brings this?

We were trying to perform calculations using the parameters:

  • InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.1.WANCommonInterfaceConfig.TotalBytesReceived
  • InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.1.WANCommonInterfaceConfig.TotalBytesSent

However, doing the calculations and subtracting a value from its previous value (since in the parameter description, it is an accumulation), the results are negative.

Is there any way to measure this?
Or some parameter that brings this internet consumption?

Thank you very much in advance!

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What exactly are you trying to measure? Total consumption over time? Doing this with the CPE is a bad idea. TotalBytes[Sent|Received] are not persisted on reboot. Some CPEs don’t track the bits at all either:

The accurate way of doing this is to track the usage upstream. We track usage using PPPoE and radius. This is the usage chart since midnight for the user above:

We want to measure the total consumption of customers, in data collections with an interval of 20 minutes between them.

We are using conditions with the uptime parameter to check router reboot.

However, when doing the calculations and generating the graphs, the values ​​are negative in some routers, (image of the graphs attached).