I can't change the management port variable

I’m struggling to modify the CWMP_PORT (default is 7547). I’m using CentOS 7, but I can’t seem to find the ‘config.json’ folder, even with commands like find or locate. I accessed the directory ‘/etc/genieacs/genieacs.env’ and inserted the command ‘CWMP_PORT=7550’, but I suspect it’s completely wrong. Can anyone assist me?

This command also did not work: export GENIEACS_CWMP_PORT=7550

[tr069@localhost ~]$ echo $GENIEACS_CWMP_PORT
[tr069@localhost ~]$ netstat -tuln | grep 7550

genieacs.env usually need to be in /opt/genieacs/, may you check and update this file and restart the proccess.

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