How does ACS get information with CWMP

My ACS can only get
DeviceID.Manufacturer ,
DeviceID.OUI ,
DeviceID.ProductClass ,
DeviceID.SerialNumber .
I can’t get other information, so I do research in CWMP source code.
I get the JSON information and MXML information of the device, but I don’t know whether ACS still gets the information through JSON or MXML.

I don’t know which functions ACS needs to call to get device information. Does anyone know.

try to add a provision that refreshes all the parameters

declare(“InternetGatewayDevice.*”, {value:});

and read the docs

I highly suggest not using a provision to to refresh the entire data model. This is expensive for the CPE and very unnecessary.

For every new CPE model you get, use the GUI to refresh the data model and figure out the mapping/any changes.

There is a specific reason GenieACS no longer refreshes the entire device data model…

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I didn’t mean to get all the information. I wrote a script to get the version information.
It reminds me script.TypeError

So I want to know which function ACS uses to get parameters. I need to know the source code of the function so that I can understand how it fails to get parameters.

This command doesn’t work on my device. I can’t see the refresh parameters on the UI.

First step would be to turn off all the other provision scripts you have and isolate the issue. It appears you have 5 different scripts running.

Thank you for your suggestion. I finally succeeded in getting parameters in the UI interface. I guess some scripts may have conflicts because they want to get parameters that don’t exist. You are a knowledgeable person.Thank you very much!