Headings in parameter-list


I am wondering if there is the ability in the current Node.JS-based GenieACS-UI to add headings into the parameter-list. Our parameter-list has a total of 20 parameters and so it would benefit from being able to subdivide it with headings. Is there any way to add headings like above “Hosts” and “Faults” tables, but in the main parameter-list instead?

same question. Do you able to do?

I figured it out! The following adds the heading “My Great Parameters” above the System Identity parameter display.

- element: '"div"'
  type: "'container'"
    - element: "'h3'"
      type: "'container'"
        - "'My Great Parameters'"
    - type: "'parameter-list'"
        - label: "'System Identity'"
          parameter: Device.DeviceInfo.X_MIKROTIK_SystemIdentity
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Great thanks for you response and help,! works perfectly. Best regards!