GetParameterNames question

I’m wondering, why does GenieACS makes several "GetParameterName"s calls when it can get all the CPE paths with a single one (asking the root path)? Is it a security reason? Or maybe a performance one?

Performance. A lot of these CPEs are underpowered with limited RAM. Doing a GPN/GPV on very large set of params could cause these routers to crash.

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I’ve come across a new TP-link CPE (Device data model) that starting throwing faults due to the number of GPN requests I started making at it (A lot of information that used to be in one sub-tree in InternetGatewayDevice is located in several other sub-trees).

I made a quick modification to Genie in my lab enviroment and the number of GPN dropped from several to 1.

I’ll probably have to code something more akin to a configuration that can turn on this optimization per device.