GenieACS installation recording

Can anyone make video recording of installing GenieACS according to the Installation Guide? I’ve seen one such video on youtube but it was for Ubuntu 18.04.3. If I can find it for 20.04 I would appreciate it.


Hi, the’re not much difference, the same instalation guide for 18.04 should work the same on ubuntu 20.04.

I particularly used this youtube video but couldn’t connect to port 3000 to start with.

Install Node.js latest and start service
Install mongodb latest start service
install genieacs@1.2.5 start service

Thats it

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Thanks. Starting the services helped a lot. Currently I can access node js on the specified port of 3000, both on the guest and the host. But http request to port 7547 shows an error “405 Method Not Allowed.”
Its my first time using Linux, let alone deploy complex applications. Your comment or redirection to appropriate site is highly appreciated.

7547 is the CWMP port and is used only by the CPE devices. The “405 Method Not Allowed” error you are receiving is because, by design, CWMP protocol uses POST methods instead of GET. Anyway, looks like you’re all set, you just need to configure your devices to enable TR069 protocol and set the ACS.

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try to access in browser UI interface via acsURL


Note: port 3000, is for UI.

Thank you lavira and johripuneet for helping me through. I could get the CWMP and log in to the system.