GenieACS 1.2.9 Schedule

What does “3600” in:

3600 0 3 * * 1-5

stand for?
According to
1 - minute
2 - hour
3 - day (month)
4 - month
5 - day (week)
so considering 1-5 stands for January to May according to docs, what does each field stands for
in GenieACS schedule syntax as it seems to differ from crontab?


You can find the answer here

i have a same issue , how to set scheduller in genieacs

Nope. The answer is NOT there.
Docs say: seconds minute hour day date - 5 arguments not six like in provided example.
And as far as I know there are 60 seconds in a minute, not 3600.
So, once again - what does “3600” stand for?

Hi All / @Kliwer

The 3600 is a value in seconds for how long the preset should be active for. In this case it will be active for 1hour (3600 seconds) starting at 3am UTC time Monday to Friday. Read more on the cron time structure here cron - Wikipedia

But what is extra in the GenieACS Scheduler, in comparison to a normal cron schedule, is the very first value, as mentioned, which is the period in seconds for which the Preset should be active starting from the time set according to the cron time schedule. I hope that makes sense. Please note that GenieACS time is in the UTC timezone.

Thank you. Thats a simple and understandable explanation.
To sum up:
1 - period of time when script is active
2 - minute
3 - hour
4 - day
5 - month
6 - day of the week

That means that explanation in docs is wrong and should be corrected. In my opinion if this summary from this post was in docs too, then it would be much clearer how it works.

It seems I can edit docs - should I?

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