Genie 1.2.3 - SUM multiples results into graph


It is possible to create a graph with the sum of differents devices node response?

Per example im trying to create graph with devices connected on 2.4ghz and with 5ghz, i was triyed with sum but not luck, it throws error on graph. I dont really know if it count only boolean results from syntax.

label: “‘Station per radio’”
color: “’#2994ff’”
filter: SUM(Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.7.AssociatedDeviceNumberOfEntries > 0)
label: “‘2ghz’”
color: “’#ff29ff’”
filter: SUM(Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.8.AssociatedDeviceNumberOfEntries > 0)
label: “'5ghz”

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Not sure what you expect SUM() to do here. GenieACS doesn’t support aggregate functions, but if it did then with SUM or without it you’d get the same anyway.

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Thank you Zaidka. Im trying to get all quantities for all connected devices for all CPE on 5ghz and 2.4ghz for testing propourses on my lab. Just i use SUM because of my lack of knowledge of mysql.

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Thanks for the genieACS, without it i never was able to learn about TR069!.

I’m afraid that’s not possible. The graphs can only show counts of CPEs. Every slice in the pie chart has to be a proper search filter.