Fix for Faults Not Appearing in UI Tab

In one of our environments we had a situation where we were not seeing cwmp faults in the UI fault tab.

It occurred after we recently upgraded from Debian 9/Nodejs10/Genieacs1.2beta to Debian 11/Node16/Genieacs1.28/Mongo44

We upgraded a number of environments from various versions 1.1, 1.1.2, 1.2beta and 1.2.4 on Debian 9or10 to Debian 11/1.2.8 without any issues so far, other than discovering environments without avx support can not go to prebuilt Mongo5 (anything westmere or earlier).

The missing faults resulted in no errors; Faults showed up in the cwmp logs, and in the device page UI on commit, but nothing in the persistent fault list, which would normally block preset channels.

A quick runthough on dependencies showed everything in place, with our node/mongo from deb sources uptodate and a few npm packages required for external scripts.

# dpkg -l mongodb-org nodejs
ii  mongodb-org    4.4.10                   amd64        MongoDB open source document-oriented database system (metapackage)
ii  nodejs         16.13.1-deb-1nodesource1
# npm -g ls
├── corepack@0.10.0
├── eslint@8.4.1
├── genieacs@1.2.8+20211027200938
├── googleapis@92.0.0
├── npm@8.2.0
└── request@2.88.2

As it turned out, we had some legacy node-xxxx packages from when we had been using the Debian distro-packaged node and ruby packages with older GenieACS 1.1 versions.

Removing rails allowed all the node-xxx to be autoremoved by the apt package manager, and the problem is resolved. There are now no other node packages other than nodejs from nodesource.

acs3# dpkg -l | grep node
ii  nodejs     16.13.1-deb-1nodesource1

And faults are appearing in the GUI faults tab again. We have no idea which of the older node modules were causing interference or overrides.

Just in case somebody else has the same issue