File Backup configuration of Device

Now i can show all params of device and how to get file backup configuration of device.
Please help me to do that.

That is going to be vendor specific. You need to get that information from your hardware vendor.

Yes, I saw this params InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceConfig.ConfigFile, is it the file backup configuration on device? if true, how to save it

Hi, now i can push file config to device, but if i have many device (may be 100 or more) how can i do that exactly for each of them. Pls,let me know the solution. Tks

Believe it or not, there is extensive documentation around the TR-069/143/181/369 protocols. You would benefit from reading and becoming familiar with the specifications and how to find the information you need.

Every single question you have asked can be solved by using google or the search feature of the forum.

Yes, I’ve read through your link, and I’ve one question: can we send file to device when configuratin is lost (mean the device factory reset) or Self identify (auto detect) the device lost configuration for later that self push file to device (full automatic process).

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