Fetching the data from database

Good Evening all. I created one model collection and I added some values. That values are stored in the database. Now I am trying to fetching the data from database. But i am not getting. I tried so times.

function findMatches(resourceType, filter, sort, limit): any {
let value = ;
for (const obj of resources[resourceType].objects.values())
console.log(“object value:”, obj);
if (evaluate(filter, obj, fulfillTimestamp + clockSkew)) value.push(obj);
value = value.sort(compareFunction(sort));
console.log(" value data:", value);
if (limit) value = value.slice(0, limit);

return value;

In findMatches function in store.ts. Object value is not printing in the console and value data is, I am getting empty array. Please help me, if anyone know about this. I am trying from last week.