Discoveryservice devices keep popping up on the devices list

I tried the solutions provided in similar questions and I added these two configs cwmp.connectionRequestAllowBasicAuth (set it to true) and cwmp.connectionRequestAuth (and set it to AUTH(“username”,“password”)) and I still face the same problem. Can anyone help please? @zaidka

You need to provide more details as to what the actual issue is. Please include log files from both the CPE and GenieACS. Please see this post to enable debug.

Here’s the content of the debug file for these random services.

The config options you’re referring to are just for the connection requests and they don’t prevent unauthorized informs. What you’re looking for is cwmp.auth.

I tried it and I keep getting Authentication Failure

Don’t just copy/paste code without understanding what is going on. By settings cwmp.auth to the value you have above, you are telling GenieACS that only CPEs that connect with a username of username and password of password are permitted to connect. What you probably really want is something like this:

AUTH(username, password) OR AUTH("usernameSetOnTheCpe", "passwordSetOnTheCpe")

This will allow GenieACS to try to auth the CPE using the value stored in the ConnectionRequestUsername/Password parameters for the CPE or try to auth with a username/password you have set on the CPE.