Device page showing data depending on tag?

Hey Everyone,

We offer a voip service to a set of customers and to tell us what CPE has a VOIP service in the provision we tell it to give the routers a tagged called “VOIP”.

Is it possible to show the following parameter in the device page but only on CPEs with the tag for “VOIP”.

Parameter; InternetGatewayDevice.Services.VoiceService.1.VoiceProfile.1.Line.1.SIP.AuthUserName

We have 6000 Routers and only offer the service to 100-200 CPEs so I don’t want to add a label and parameter for all routers if I can help it as it will add clutter to some devices unnecessarily.



Out of the box this isn’t possible (to the best of my knowledge). You could write your own component to do this though. I would take a look at ui/components.ts to see how the existing code works.