Config for Device Page wildcards

Fragment of my config page. I want to list the Iterations of VoiceProfile (1-4) and the Line.* (1-96)
parameter: Device.Services.VoiceService.1.VoiceProfile.*.Line

Then of course want to sort by the fxsport, eliminate the -/+ and make some r/w fields r/o

  • label: “‘Grandstream Profiles’”
    parameter: Device.Services.VoiceService.1.VoiceProfile
    type: “‘parameter-table’”
    writable: false
    • label: “‘Entries’”
      parameter: LineNumberOfEntries
    • label: “‘SIP Server’”
      parameter: SIP.RegistrarServer
    • label: “‘Enabled’”
      parameter: Enable
  • label: “‘Grandstream Ports Profile 1’”
    parameter: Device.Services.VoiceService.1.VoiceProfile.1.Line
    type: “‘parameter-table’”
    • label: “‘FXS Port’”
      parameter: X_GRANDSTREAM_FXSPort
      unsortable: true
      writable: false
    • label: “‘SIP Name’”
      parameter: SIP.AuthUserName
    • label: “‘CallerID Name’”
      parameter: SIP.X_GRANDSTREAM_DisplayName
    • label: “‘Profile’”
      parameter: X_GRANDSTREAM_ProfileID
    • label: “‘Enabled’”
      parameter: Enable
    • label: “‘Status’”
      parameter: Status
    • label: “‘CallState’”
      parameter: CallState
    • label: “‘Auto-Dial’”
      parameter: X_GRANDSTREAM_AutoDial
    • label: “‘DND’”
      parameter: CallingFeatures.DoNotDisturbEnable
    • label: “‘CW’”
      parameter: CallingFeatures.CallWaitingEnable
    • label: “‘VM Lamp’”
      parameter: CallingFeatures.MWIEnable

I do not see this on the forum anywhere