CWMP on multiple ports: with and without SSL


we have many devices that support only HTTP url of cwmp and other that support only HTTPS. There is a way to make CWMP daemon to use 2 ports (HTTP and HTTPS) at the same time, or ether spawn two CWMP process with different configs?

Thank you in advance for any help.

i guess it is better to spwan to different processes with different env variables for the port und SSL cert. Everything else must be the same and this should only be done for the cwmp and FS process.

It would also possible to use a reverse proxy, but I would try the two different processes approach first.

After duplicating the startup script and the environment file for CWMP and FS process everything worked flawlessly.
Obviuously I had to specify two different ports in the environment file.

But, how the CWMP process know which url specify for FS transfers?

As long as the cwmp and fs process shares the same env file, it will generate the url from the env file.
So with that, the cwmp process knows the port and http(s) status from the fs process.

All clear. Thank you!

Hello, good afternoon, greetings from Mexico, I am trying to duplicate your configuration, could you help me with examples of the modified files to understand a little better, sorry if it is not understood correctly, but I am using the google translator