Connection request error: Incorrect connection request credentials----

I configure my DUT and the device is online and pinging from GenieACS. But when Device. GPV is done , is shows “Connection request error: Incorrect connection request credentials”

These are my commands for syncing in DUT:

dmcli eRT setv Device.ManagementServer.URL string http://[2001:470:ec9c:93:478e:94ab:b410:a5ff]:7547/
dmcli eRT setv Device.ManagementServer.Username string cwmp
dmcli eRT setv Device.ManagementServer.Password string 0123456789
dmcli eRT setv Device.ManagementServer.ConnectionRequestUsername string admin
dmcli eRT setv Device.ManagementServer.ConnectionRequestPassword string admin

You need to quote the parameters, otherwise they will be interpreted as parameters.

AUTH('admin', 'admin')