Comtrend CPE experience

Is anyone using Comtrend CPEs? What are your thoughts on them? My experience has been less than optimal, from finding big defects, to missing required portions of the TR069 spec, to the biggest issue of all, about half the time I boot the CPE up it sends the 0 BOOTSTRAP event, when it should not be. This is with the NexusLink 3120.

What are other peoples experience?

2-3 years ago I had to integrate a Comtrend against LibreACS. It was a real pain. I can not recall what where the exact problems but they were really big problems. They reminded me just like those brand-less Chinese routers that in every step you try to integrate it, you encounter a new issue.
Besides from that, the engineers in Europe do not have any knowledge about TR069 at all, after months of questions and issues, they would not redirect me to the Chinese developers that were the ones who actually knew (-ish).
Better stay away from Comtrend at all costs.