Center or left justify parameter values during device display

I installed what I believe is version 1.2.1 back in 2018, and have recently setup a new instance using version 1.2.9

One of the first changes I noticed is that with my old installation, when viewing a device, the values for each parameter were only a few spaces away from the parameters.

With 1.2.9 - the values are right justified on the far side of the web browser window.
Is there any way to adjust the gap between the parameters and their corresponding values?
Or is this the “new normal”?



Maybe a screenshot of the screen in question would help…

I’m, new to this forum and wasn’t sure I could attach a screen shot. I see now I can upload them…

OK - this should show the old style method of displaying output:

Next post will be the new style for comparison…

Since I can’t upload two screen shots in the same post - this is how things look with the latest version

Of the two styles - I’d love a happy medium where the values are listed in the middle of the page - instead of crammed against the parameters or spread out to the far side of the page…

This is how things displayed in v1.0 and v1.1. So it was probably a regression that caused it to display the previous way for you in v1.2.1. You can upload multiple screenshots per post.