Can not upload firmware

why i can not upload firmware on more then 100 device at a time? can i increase this limit?

You will need to provide a lot more information. How are you uploading firmware to devices? Are you using presets? Provisions? API?

It looks like the UI is used.

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From UI

yes, from UI

One way i’ve been using to upgrade devices is, create a preset to upgrade the devices on connection request, if they have a specific tag, like “Tags.upgrade_scheduled”.

Then through the API you can filter the device with that tag and create a task with connection request (/tasks?connection_request&timeout=30)

This way you can control how many, whitch ones, and when you wan’t to upgrade then.

Thank you, but i want increase limit from web ui, becose can not upload firmware more then 100 device. i need more :slight_smile:

Have a look here: