Best Way To Handle TR-069 / TR-181 in UI Page Config

How are people configuring their UI pages to show things like connected/associated devices across different CPEs that use both TR-069 (InternetGatewayDevice.) and TR-181 (Device.).

Is it a case of adding two (nearly duplicate) parameter-table’s, or is there a better way?
e.g. for 2.4Ghz WLAN Clients:

  • a table of InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.WLANConfiguration.1.AssociatedDevice
  • and a table of Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.1.AssociatedDevice

(genieacs will only show the table which exists in the device’s model)

Is there a way to filter the parameter-table based on a parameter within each instance having a value, particularly on TR-181 devices the model will contain lots of “Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.1.AssociatedDevice” instances for example, but most of them will be empty.

Many thanks!

about the parameters I guess you can get that with virtual parameters. The example is a similar case. Also you will find hints if you search the forum. I said “I guess” because we use only one manufacturer and as a result I don’t have experience with virtual parameters.

about customizing the UI, generally speaking I would say that’s depends on who is the end user. If that’s just for you and/or a network manager and it’s something you will use once in a while then that’s OK (I have a few mods in place but, if needed, I can discard them any time).

But If you are planning to give access to (for example) customer support, then I recommend hiring a programmer to build specific tools for specific needs and leave the big guns to the people who know how&when to use them. I am saying this because that’s my specific case: our customer management software contacts our ACS to get/set the information needed to each customer device and if there’s a problem (which does not happens often) then customer support ask my boss or me for help.

Then, for the specific need you are asking for, your answer would be endpoints. That’s how we query associated devices on a specific CPE.

as a bonus, reading about the XY problem might help to understand why sometimes the chosen solution is not necessarily the best. Happened to us while setting our ACS.

Virtual Parameters don’t really work when you’re trying to look at an array of instances.

My main question is what filters/config can be applied to the parameter-table UI component, that would help clean up the output of blank instances.