API setparameterValues

I have a web interface in which it will update the MRU parameter in genieacs. I’m having trouble making the route and calling the API, because the documentation is very superficial. Would you have any example of code ready in JavaScript to have it as a base?

Can you be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish? Are you trying to add parameters to an existing page in the GenieACS web UI? Query data from the GenieACS NBI to show in your own UI?

Good morning, I would like to use the API to change the MRU parameter through my graphical interface, using tasks:
curl -i ‘http://localhost:7557/devices/00236a-SR552n-SR552NA084%252D0003269/tasks?timeout=3000&connection_request
–data ‘{“name”: “setParameterValues”, “parameterValues”: [[“InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.UpgradesManaged”,false]]}’

I’m not sure how to use this API call, so I’d like a more concrete example using it.

I’m honestly not sure whats more concrete than what you have right there. That curl call will set the value of InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.UpgradesManaged to false for the device with ID 00236a-SR552n-SR552NA084%2D0003269.

This curl call will set the value of the MRU to 1492 for the 1st WANPPPConnection on the 1st WANConnectionDevice on the 1st WANDevice.

curl -i 'http://localhost:7557/devices/00236a-SR552n-SR552NA084%252D0003269/tasks?timeout=3000&connection_request'
–data '{"name": "setParameterValues", "parameterValues": [["InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.1.WANConnectionDevice.1.WANPPPConnection.1.CurrentMRUSize",1492]]}'

All of this information is in the documentation.