Adding vendor object instances

Hi ,

  1. i am new to acs . in my ont, not able to see PPPOE username, password and epon fiber loss (tx,rx) details in my genie acs. my question is should i manually create those instances or it will be available in ont. i have tried add to some instances in my ont device its not working.
    above parameters given by vendor , in ont i am always getting arguement error while pushing the configurations.

  2. my ont device id %C3%A0%C3%A8%C3%A6-ONT1GE1FE1PR-E0E8E6A7A18F showing with %% symbols , using this not able fetch devices details from api. is there any way to change the id

  1. try refreshing the tree InternetGatewayDevice from GeanieACS ui (web). It will take a while but it should load all the keys you are looking for.

  2. I may be wrong but I think a device id is constructed by using Serial Number, Product class and OUI (it’s all on the geanieacs web). “àèæ-ONT1GE1FE1PR-E0E8E6A7A18F” sounds pretty weird for a device id. What’s the device manufacter / model ?

thanks for the replay…
it worked for me.