Adding an task manually in task collections is not executed when next periodic event is received from CPE

  1. I see when a push file is triggered from UI there is a task is created .
  2. When ACS receives PERIODIC from a device,
    the task is deleted and an entry is created in operations collections , parallelly
    download request is also pushed to Device.
  3. I tried this by manually by adding an entry in task collections. i am able to see an entry as well. However the download request is not pushed to device and operations collections also empty. task collections is present.

Did i miss anything, how do we achieve this?

Hi, It’s a bad idea to manually change things in the database. If you want to initiate one or more tasks outside of the GenieACS UI, use the API.

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Shall we do it using preset like

Provisioning with calling an external script, the external script calls API to create tasks for download?

will map the provision to a preset which needs to be executed for every inform from a device (newly or already joined)

I see provisions are executed for the device which is newly gets registered but i wanted to execute it every time ACS receives inform request from a device.

What do you want to achieve exactly?

If you want to initiate a firmware upgrade (firmware download), just initiating a download task via the API, with the filename, should initiate a connection request to the device and start the download.

If you want to just add the task and stay in the queue until the device contacts the ACS either on periodic inform or when it gets back online, just add via the API a custom TAG (like FWUPGRADE) and configure a provisioning that does the upgrade (and removes the TAG once download is initiated) + a preset to start the provision if the TAG is present.

My requirement is as follows,

I have to send a download request when my device sends
Inform + 2 PERIODIC event with Vendor attribute X_NotifyEvent =7 ,

Device will send this event with value when it decides to upgrade.
Hope it clears now…

I have tried provisioning option, however it is executing only once for each device.
when the request comes 2nd time from a same device, the provision script is not executed. any idea how to execute the provision script every time the device sends this event with attribute?