Add New Wan Huawei


With what command can add a new wan interface on a script?
I need create a new wan interface and configure some parameters supposing that Ont its unconfigured.

Many thanks.


You can use like this example.

declare(“Device.Routing.Router.1.IPv4Forwarding.[Alias:10/8_network,Enable:true,DestIPAddress:,DestSubnetMask:,GatewayIPAddress:” + Default_ip_mgmt + “,Interface:Device.IP.Interface.5,StaticRoute:true]”, null, {path: 1});

here see that actually , it create a new index under “IPv4Forwarding” , and inside, it configures all information, inclusively i use a string variable declared somewere on script.
There is a lot of examples on the forum i ended using that from some explain on there.