Acess GenieACS by external ip


How I can access the website remotely by external ip?


Just do a port forwarding…

Hello mate,
ty for answer

sure but could you explain me where i do that on the genieacs?
cuz i can acess normaly genieacs by local but when i try remote with my external ip i got no answer from server.

if i do a port forward from cpe to local ip with anyport i will be able to acess by my external ip?

Hi again,

If I understood, you’re trying to acess web site from other network, right?

I really trust you need to do a port forwarding in your router, I mean, any network equipament that you have that manage it (mikrotik, firewall, router, etc…). You need to create a rule that get a requisition from you external IP in x port, for exemple: and say that all requisitions that come from this port, you forward to your GenieAcs IP in the port that is running. Got It?

I completely understand, but for this to work I should be able to access GenieAcs not only through but also through the ip right? it is not pinging, it is Pinging Error…

Ok, tell me what’s you internal IP (Genie), what’s your external IP (Wan) and what port your genie is running

Wan ip
Port genieacs 3000

all right, so, to genieIp:3000

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ty felipe.

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