Zyxel EX5401-B0

Hi! First time here on the forum.

I’m having trouble getting all the informasjon from 5401.
Software version, IP, SSID are blank, do i need to enable for this to show?

Have not done anything else then:
cwmp.auth - true

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I get this fault after a default setup:
faultCode: “9003”
faultString: Invalid arguments

  • parameterName: Device.ManagementServer.PeriodicInformTime
    faultCode: “9007”
    faultString: Invalid parameter value

The Zyxel does not use the default parameter PeriodicInformTime as GenieACS is setup to by default.
But can you Summon the 5401 at all?
Not all parameters are shown until you poll them for the first time for that particular product class by using the refrersh wheel next to the parameter.
If you search for Device.DeviceInfo.SoftwareVersion and refresh, it should report back the value.

Clicked refresh, nothing.

If you go to the admin tab and then to config and search for “software”
It could be that genie is not looking for the right parameter from the EX5401
This is my setup, you can make changes in the GUI from the admin tab

For WAN-IP I check for Device.IP.Interface.3.IPv4Address.1.IPAddress

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That worked awesome! Have you done some other changes and how did you know that you needed to change that? Like SSID, IP and so on.

WAN-IP, could not find the one you had.

I’m new to genie so I had to learn by exploring. If you click on the serialnumber and enter the Devices page, you can click “Download” next to the search field. That will give you a text file of all the parameters on a top level, all those parameters can be explored by clicking the refresh button in the devices page.

So I search for “Device.IP.Interface” and refresh that parameter and then I find the WAN-IP

In the config page you see default things that most CPE supports, but for Zyxel I clicked New Config and added a new
ui.index.3.label and named it “WAN-IP”
ui.index.3.parameter with the value Device.IP.Interface.3.IPv4Address.1.IPAddress

For Wifi you search for Device.WiFi and refresh, and then you will get a whole lot of parameteres and then you scroll and search for the specific parameter you want to display

Thanks that helped alot. Can to boxes have different set’s of "Value’?
We have 2x ZyXEL 5401 where both are showed “online”. But only one get’s the values on the “Devices” page, and when i got into the “download” file you recommended it looks different.

First box that i started with have this:

Second box now have this:

Second box even gives more informasjon “inside” the serialnummer ‘tab’. Like host names and stuff.
First box dont’ have this.

Yes they can if they have different firmware versions. To handle this you could define virtual parameters, see the docs

Same firmware and config.

Than it’s a device that has the option to use different data model. Has been addressed before on the forum, see here