XMPP support for GenieACS

The latest 1.2.11 should support XMPP, however, I’m at the moment where my ejabbered is working fine, but GenieACS is not sending any packets to ejabbered even I’ve got it configured like below

cat /opt/genieacs/genieacs.env


@zaidka is there anything missing in my GenieACS configuration, also I’ve not seen anything about XMPP in the documentation - could you help here?

I also have the same scenario. My CPE is talking to ejabberd but nothing from Genie to ejabberd. Also my Genie and ejabbered are on the same server. I have tried changing GENIEACS_XMPP_HOST to localhost, IP Address and domain name. I have also upgraded from 1.2.9 to 1.2.11.

I also have this same issue. It appears that Genie does not pass authentication to the xmpp server I personally use Prosody. Genie does connect however doesn’t appear to attempt to authenticate correctly.

Unfortunately, there’s a bug in the latest release that breaks XMPP! Will push a fix soon.

Any idea on timescale?

Following the latest update. I can confirm XMPP is now working with Prosody.

Could you please post an example config?

I can’t get it working with prosody and ejabberd, getting XML errors on genie.

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How to show XMPP setting in ACS? I have been install the lastest ACS server ,but I can’t found XMPP setting .thanks