Send URL for update firmware

Somebody knows how I can send download url to cpe? By defaults uses acs server address, but in our network has special firmware server and I want use my server for update firmware. Any ideas?

PS I was add url option in task, but it’s not work.

How are you trying to do this? With a preset or a provision?

I send task via NBI:
data: {“name”: “download”, “fileName”: “2017.04.19-11.58_DIR_815AC_3.0.0_release.bin”, “fileType”: “1 Firmware Upgrade Image”, “url”: “http:///”}

I think, it’s provision… right?

But it’s no matter. In source types.ts interface Task has no url param, it’s mean url was lost after read from mongoDB and convert to task.

I not found way, how add url in downloadRequest of function sendAcsRequest. I create a bodge: get url from tasks in SessionContext, but it’s bad idea, if you have many tasks for one time.