Problems with Tags

Hello everyone!

I have been trying to add a Tag with the “agentcircuitid” coming from Radius. I have managed to get the right string from the Radius, but when I am trying to add it through the provision script I get the following error message…

Channel has faulted; channel=“default” retries=0 faultCode=“script.Error” faultMessage=“Invalid parameter path”

When I add it from the GUI everything works perfect :(. Should I escape it of somethink??

The cirtuitID string is “RC_02B01_D_HUA_02C02D eth 0/1/0/25:835:Vang-Prasino”.

Thank in advance!!


Can you send us the example of the provision script ?

Your log looks like a problem with the “path” parameter

{path: XXXX}

You need to verify the order of the object

To add a tag use this syntax: declare("Tags.SomeTagName", null, {value: true}); to remove, use declare("Tags.SomeTagName", null, {value: false});

Tags are not key/value pairs. It sounds like you might want to create a virtual parameter instead. This allows you to store arbitrary data for a device.

This v-param will allow you to read/write arbitrary data.

let value;

if ("value" in args[1]) {
    // Set declared value
    value = args[1].value;
} else if ("value" in args[3]) {
    // No declared value, keep current value
    value = args[3].value;
} else {
    // No current value, use default
    value = ['', 'xsd:string'];

return {writable: true, value: value};

Hello akcoder!!!

You are right! I haven’t though about virtual parameters!
I have done al ot of controlling through tags and my mind was stuck! I will try it this way!

Many thanks!