PPPOE not showing up in front of genieacs ui

I been trying to get pppoe username and IP infront and inside but it doesn’t looks like showing up I don’t know how to make it work some one please tell me how to make it work
and how to add it inside too

Hi @Naveen_live,

Check this post :wink:


Hi @fdavidcn ,
I tried what you said in virtual parameter here is the pic

and added in default provision

declare("VirtualParameters.pppUsername", {value: Date.now()});

and also tried 

declare("VirtualParameters.PPPoe Username", {value: Date.now()});

but the pppoe username is not showing up and how to make the ip to show up

Hi @Naveen_live,

You have a mistake when calling VirtualParameter. In the first declare, you wrote “pppUsername” and your VirtualParameter is named “PPPoE Username”. In second declare, you wrote “PPPoe Username” and this is wrong because spaces are not allowed.

Try to rename VirtualParameter to “pppUsername” and then in your declare call them with declare("VirtualParameters.pppUsername", {value: Date.now()});


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Really thanks for your help @fdavidcn it worked but in some are not showing up and I tried whatever I can


Outside device section its not showing but inside particular it does show up i want to show in every device show that I can easily check users