Object=False flag creates a no longer visible or writable instance in v1.2 GUI

In the transition from 1.1 to 1.2, I recently noticed that some parts of the device model that were writable in v1.1 are no longer visible or writeable in v1.2. I can see the full instance paths and their values when I download the CSV from the device page.

One example is in an SRG CPE, where I see object=false and writeable=true flags, resulting in not being able to see the following instance paths in the 1.2 gui.


Parent InternetGatewayDevice.X_SMARTRG_COM_MgmtAcl.1 is object=true and writeable=true, but refresh does nothing to expose the children or allow them to be modified in the GUI. It simply updates the object timestamp as shown in the downloaded CSV.

I am familiar with the cwmp.skipWritableCheck global, to return provisions to their write-anywhere state, but is there another way to override the device model for the object flag (assuming the object=false is incorrect in my case) or change this behavior to be able to do what v1.1 can.

My first guess is that some of the inheritance rules have changed in v1.2 possibly for these flags from the base path, requiring some kind of workaround for the device model which has instances with incorrect child flags defined.

This particular object is factory defined at 8 instances exactly. In the device GUI, they can not be deleted, or a 9th added, so I expect the model tries to enforce this as well. Not sure if that is related.

Any help appreciated. v1.2.5+20210312233623

Well, I was about to add some screenshots to help clarify what I was seeing, however, at some point in the last week these objects became visible and editable in the v1.2 device model.

Since it did not seem to be visible over a refresh or inform, it is a mystery to me as to how and when GenieACS decided it could now see and modify the parameters in the GUI.