Missing WiFi related parameters

Can anyone please give some pointer to fix this issue. Troubleshooting for last two months but still no able to figure out what was the issue.

A small gist on the issue.

All the WiFi tree parameters are not returning value from the acs server and also in GUI the values are not showing up even after multiple refresh. Example WiFi parameters are

Except few parameters remaining are working fine. Able to retrieve value using curl command also.

Attached curl logs for working and non working case.

Working parameter:

(‘Value: ‘, {u’_value’: u’OPERATIONAL’, u’_object’: False, u’_writable’: False, u’_timestamp’: u’2020-09-16T15:33:40.295Z’, u’_type’: u’xsd:string’})

Non working

curl -i -X POST --data

The output returns something like this and it is not returning for the complete tree


('Exception extractJsonValue: ', KeyError(‘1’,))

Complete format is missing.

So a couple of things. 1, I don’t see any curl logs :). Please don’t paste them in here, please use pastebin.

So lets start from the beginning and get the debug SOAP logs from Genie. If you are using v1.2, follow these instructions.

Then refresh Device.WiFi.SSID and review the logs. I’ve had plenty of device (cough cough
Zyxel) that will tell you a particular instance ID exists, but throw a fault when you try and refresh that instance…

Hello @akcoder
Thanks for your reply. Hope the following information will give the better idea about the issue.

The actual parameter queried is “Device.WiFi.SSID.1.SSID” but Genieacs sending it as “Device.WiFi.SSID.” because of this CPE is replying the tree of “Device.WiFi.SSID.10001” “Device.WiFi.SSID.10002” like this.

Request sent from Genieacs.

Response received from CPE.

I’m guessing there are is more soap data you aren’t showing me. The way v1.2 of GenieACS works is if the CPE responds with a 9005 (invalid param), GenieACS will walk back and refresh the parameter values.

So whats happening is you are trying to get (or set) Device.WiFi.SSID.1.SSID, and the CPE is saying that instance doesn’t exist. So GenieACS is asking the CPE for all the parameter names (GetParameterNames) on Device.WiFi.SSID. and the CPE is responding with Device.WiFi.SSID.10001 and Device.WiFi.SSID.10002.

But the only way to know for sure is to see the full conversation. Again, please do not paste it in here (and please don’t paste screenshots of the data). Use pastebin.com


Yes i have packet capture of complete soap data but pasted only the expected data and also please refer this https://pastebin.com/ACuU7uhz.
Since I am new to genieacs can you guide me to help the debug log. I have enabled as per your previous comment but not seeing the debug logs. Point me where the debug logs get generated.

and let me know what are the logs you are expecting. Will try to get it.

The data at the pastebin is completely useless. If you want my help, I need the full soap conversation, not a stripped down version of the data.