Mass remove a specific tag from Offline Devices?

Hi there,
I am using a script that summon the devices through API, on an specific time of the day, so I can get the 6 CONNECTION REQUEST in a preset and upgrade them.
To better filter the devices I’ll summon, during the day I set a TAG “Upgrade Scheduled” using a preset on the 2 PERIODIC.

(Ignore the “Schedule” on the preset, is just so it stop running until I fix this issue)

The problem is, I lose a considerable amount of time running the query in Offline Devices, and those devices stay “scheduled” until they actually run (some times they stay offline for days).

There is a way to remove the Tag from theses specific devices using the API?
so I can re-schedule them when they Periodic Inform

If I try “the normal way” (using SetParameterValues), the query respond with an <202 Device is offline> and don’t actually remove the Tag.

Or maybe, another alternative for doing this in thousands os devices ?

Oh, figured it out!
DELETE /devices/<device_id>/tags/

Didn’t see that part in the documentation :man_facepalming:

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