Internal error (9002) when trying to get SSID from ONT Huawei HG8546M

Hello dears,

I am getting the following error when trying to get the SSID values ​​of a Huawei HG8546M CPE:

faultCode: "9002"
faultString: Internal error
setParameterValuesFault: null

I am testing with the “default” provision. If for example, I add the following lines:

const hourly =;
declare("InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.*.WANConnectionDevice.*.WANIPConnection.*.Name", {path: hourly, value: hourly});

I am able to correctly get the names of the WAN interfaces of the IP type without errors.

However, if I set the following lines:

const hourly =;
declare("InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.*.WLANConfiguration.*.SSID", {path: hourly, value: hourly});

I am getting the “9002” error detailed at the beginning of this post.

In the genieacs-cwmp-access.log file I see that it is reflected as follows:

Channel has faulted; channel="default" retries=1 faultCode="cwmp.9002" faultMessage="Internal error"

However, if I do nothing for, in this case, 13 minutes, in the log file I find the following records:

2023-02-13T19:42:37.031Z [INFO] ::ffff: 00259E-HG8546M-48575443028C2492: ACS request; acsRequestId="1864c4cf3d20000" acsRequestName="GetParameterValues"
2023-02-13T19:42:37.175Z [WARN] ::ffff: 00259E-HG8546M-48575443028C2492: CPE fault; acsRequestId="1864c4cf3d20000" cpeFaultCode="9005" cpeFaultString="Invalid parameter name"
2023-02-13T19:42:37.176Z [INFO] ::ffff: 00259E-HG8546M-48575443028C2492: ACS request; acsRequestId="1864c4cf3d20001" acsRequestName="GetParameterNames"
2023-02-13T19:42:37.235Z [WARN] ::ffff: 00259E-HG8546M-48575443028C2492: CPE fault; acsRequestId="1864c4cf3d20001" cpeFaultCode="9005" cpeFaultString="Invalid parameter name"
2023-02-13T19:42:37.236Z [INFO] ::ffff: 00259E-HG8546M-48575443028C2492: ACS request; acsRequestId="1864c4cf3d20002" acsRequestName="GetParameterNames"
2023-02-13T19:42:37.296Z [INFO] ::ffff: 00259E-HG8546M-48575443028C2492: ACS request; acsRequestId="1864c4cf3d20003" acsRequestName="GetParameterNames"
2023-02-13T19:42:37.337Z [INFO] ::ffff: 00259E-HG8546M-48575443028C2492: ACS request; acsRequestId="1864c4cf3d20004" acsRequestName="GetParameterNames"
2023-02-13T19:42:37.378Z [INFO] ::ffff: 00259E-HG8546M-48575443028C2492: ACS request; acsRequestId="1864c4cf3d20005" acsRequestName="GetParameterValues"

After these logs, from the web interface the fault disappears, and the SSIDs of the WLANs can be viewed.
I get the feeling that you have to perform previous queries before querying the values, but I’m not sure.

Another thing that catches my attention is that at first the subnode “5” of the WLAN configuration is discovered (when it gives the error 9005), however, once the system correctly finds the SSIDs, path 5 does not seem to exist.

  • GenieACS version: 1.2.9
  • CPE Product class: HG8546M
  • CPE Hardware version: 10C7.A
  • CPE Software version: V3R017C10S125

In the following link you will find the debug from the first error to the correct obtaining of the SSIDs:

Thanks in advance, any suggestion to solve this unforeseen event will be well received.

if I am not mistaken the node 5 you mention belongs to 5Ghz wifi bandwidth. That model seems to be 2.4Ghz only – at least that’s what I got from a search.

About the error you mention, I suggest first to forget about provision. See if you can retrieve/set values using the web interface. If you think the provisions get in the way, create a blank one and point the presets. If it’s works then you could create a testing provision using the explicit path you are working first. Also test without wildcards.

we use Huawei and honestly I don’t trust them.

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