Inform cwmp.9003 Invalid arguments

Hello, I ask for help. I have two problems. They might be related, so I’ll start with the first one. The CPE does not accept the parameters passed by the ACS during the first connection, so the ACS cannot connect to the CPE for further operations. In the GUI, I have an error entry.

Debug info

If I enter the parameters for authorizing ACS on CPE manually, two-way communication between ACS and CPE becomes possible, but not all parameters can be applied the first time. Once the CPE accidentally accepted the data transmitted by the ACS during the first connection, but it could not be repeated.


can you paste the provisioning script that you have set up to run for this device? I suppose that in it you set the ConnectionRequest parameters but if they contain an error, it will fault, leaving the parameters unset.

To be honest - I use defaults. With two other vendors which we use it’s working correct, so I have not experience in this part of acs configuration.

If i understand correct - You asking me about this part of acs config

oh, ok … first of all, removing the lines with declare(“Device…” , I guess it will fix the invalid arguments error. And for the other part, your device is behind NAT so you will need STUN or XMPP to successfully initiate a ConnectionRequest (if dropping NAT is not an option).

The first problem is that we are using Mikrotiks … If I remove the “declare (” Device … "I will lose provisioning for the Mikrotiks. The second thing is that ACS has direct access to the NAT network, so this is not a problem. Devices have transparent communications with ACS via L3.

Today I’ll try to remove “Mikrotik” section, and if it’s help… what to do with mikrotiks? )))

You should upgrade just in case before doing anything, in case it resolves this issue. 1.2.4 had a major fix for MikroTik devices and this fix also affects other devices, but you might well go right up to 1.2.5 since there were a few minor improvements there too.

Also are you sure you are using the new NodeJS based genieacs-ui instead of the old Ruby-on-rails GenieACS-GUI? your image at the top looks a bit like the old Ruby GenieACS-GUI but I can’t see enough of it to be sure.