How to view devices with pagination

I have 5000 devices in device page. How can I view them page by page. ui.pagesize limits to single page making it very slow

edit: if your attribute is set to 5000 or a larger value it’s no wonder it will be slow. Set it to 50 or 100. Default is 10

but then more button is grayed out. It doesnt go to next page. If i do ui.pageSize = 200
then i only see first 200 rows. More button is grayed out.

genieacs version?


I remember it happened to me once but I don’t recall how I fixed it. I think I might have end up reinstalling genieacs while leaving mongodb alone (after all, all presets and devices are there).

OTOH if you edit the html on the browser side you can remove the “disabled” attribute from the html element and it will allow you to use it as usual.

what is your objective behind all of this ?

I want to see 50 or 100 devices per page. default 10 is too low. If ur device is at 4000 then u’ll have to go through so many clicks. Moreover click on more button just appends the devices. It should be a next page.

on the config page add a new parameter if it’s not present already:

ui.pageSize = 100

I can confirm the “more” issue is still present at least on ver v1.2.8+20211027200938-- it just happened to me. But I did the trick of removing the “disabled” html tag from it and I was able to use load more devices.

Yes, that’s a hack for just a thing I will do only once a year.