How to declare an alias?

In older version I declared in parameters.json file like this
“_lastInform” : {“alias” : “summary.lastInform”, “type” : “date”},
“_lastBoot” : {“alias” : “summary.lastBoot”, “type” : “date”},
“_lastBootstrap” : {“alias” : “summary.lastBootstrap”, “type” : “date”},
“_deviceId._SerialNumber” : {“alias” : “summary.serialNumber”},
“_deviceId._ProductClass” : {“alias” : “summary.productClass”},
“_deviceId._OUI” : {“alias” : “summary.oui”}
As for version 1.2.9, I don’t know how to declare it?

Why do you need to alias the parameters?

@akcoder Other services call api to nbi service to query device using alias

To answer your question, the aliases as you are using them are not supported any longer (to the best of my knowledge).

My suggestion is to transition your code to using the exposed names instead of the aliases you used in v1.1.

yeah, thanks @akcoder