How ot use POST api to set same value


“name”: “setParameterValues”,

“parameterValues”: [

["InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.DSCP", "0", "xsd:unsignedInt"]



if “InternetGatewayDevice.DownloadDiagnostics.DSCP” old value is 0
from cwmp soap information, after call this api, can’t send setPararmentValues soap information.

how can I use this api to send setPararmentValues soap when the value is same?

you can’t, you have to change it first to another value … would be nice if we could force the setParameterValues even if the value is the same for those cases when it’s mandatory (this is a recurring problem, see for example setParameterValue that already exists or Send all parameters on the same setParameterValue).

@lavira @zaidka @akcoder
I change the code,the follow picture

And it work.I can setParameter even if the value is same. But I don’t know what bad thind will happen.

There will be a higher workload on the ACS and CPE because you are removing a chunk of the code that does a lot of work to reduce the workload.

If the issue is that the CPE needs to have that value reset to some specific value, then thats an implementation issue with the ACS. If the issue is that the CPE has changed that value under the covers, then the correct way of addressing that is to refresh, then set that value. That is easily accomplished by doing a getParameterValues.