Function in extension script not found


I have a problem getting an extension script running.
It is based on the example from the wiki,
But every time I start it (e.g. via an inform event) I got the following error:
Channel has faulted; channel=“inform” retries=0 faultCode=“ext” faultMessage=“No such function ‘getpppoe’ in extension ‘get_pppoe-credentials’”

Here is the part of the provision script where the extension is called:
let config = ext(‘get_pppoe-credentials’, ‘getpppoe’, JSON.stringify(args));
if (!config) {

  • log(‘No config returned from API’);*
  • return;*

And here is my extension script:
// Get credentials from datebase and return to acs provisioning mechanism

// Import mysql module
let mysql = require(‘mysql’);

// Setup database connection parameter
let connection = mysql.createConnection({
host: ‘’,
user: ‘somuser’,
password: ‘somepassword’,
database: ‘thedatabase’

function getpppoe(args, callback) {

  • let params = JSON.parse(args[0]);*

  • console.log({serial: params.serial });*

Does anyone have any hints?


Hi, If you made changes to the extension script you must restart the genieacs-cwmp process.

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