Faults Retry limit

For extension timeout faults we are observing that after 15 faults the script is not executing completely, can anyone please point out which file and which line number has this if condition which limits the retry counter to 15

what is max retry limit?
which file need to check for this?
how timeout fault will delete?

Anyone help me on this.

how much max retries and which script contains this condition.

It would be better to get to the root cause of why you are experiencing so many faults. Have you checked the logs on the CPE to see why its returning a fault code to the ACS?

CPE is not returning fault code.

ACS is getting fault “Extension timeout” while running external script. so i want to know how much retries that ACS will handle . what is the max retries number?

where should we see this in the code.

This means your extension script is not performing the necessary callbacks. Please review the extension documentation.

But how should i find max retry limit for faults of ACS?

You shouldn’t. You should fix the cause, not the symptom.