Dump-data-model tool

Hello, I’m now studying a new cpe datamodel to better understand it i read that there is a tool called dump-data-model that would do exactly that, i have not installed the acs from sources so will be possible to use this tool anyway ? If yes where should i find it ?

Thanks to all that would help

Hi, I did not used this tool but in the genieacs UI you have a Download link that offers the possibility to download a CSV file with the data model, although you need to do some node refreshing first.

You probably don’t need this tool. Its only purpose is to generate dummy datamodel files for genieacs-sim.

hello , sorry for reopen this topic (dont want to create a newone innecesarelly). Is there a way to dump a datamodel from a connected one, to create as “data_model_202BC1-BM632w-8KA8WA1151100043.json”?

Just i don tknow how to run “dump-data-model.ts”.

thank you.

You just call it and pass the device ID as an argument:

dump-data-model <device_id>

You’ll want to refresh the root parameter (e.g. InternetGatewayDevice) first to make sure all parameters are available.

Thank you Zaidka

As i dont know how to run it, i see on internet a “tsc” to run typescript, i dont know if this is right or not , but i get a error:

root@GenieACS:/usr/src/genieacs/tools# tsc dump-data-model.ts 00259E-HG8247Q-485754430A21549C
error TS6053: File ‘00259E-HG8247Q-485754430A21549C.ts’ not found.

Found 1 error.


Sorry i, run from the dist folder, but still with an error:

root@GenieACS:/opt/genieacs/tools# ./dump-data-model 100645-FAST5670-N7201256V000002
throw err;

Error: Unexpected object
at U (/opt/genieacs/tools/dump-data-model:2:10623)
at U (/opt/genieacs/tools/dump-data-model:2:10847)
at U (/opt/genieacs/tools/dump-data-model:2:10847)
at U (/opt/genieacs/tools/dump-data-model:2:10847)
at U (/opt/genieacs/tools/dump-data-model:2:10847)
at /opt/genieacs/tools/dump-data-model:2:11807
at executeCallback (/opt/genieacs/node_modules/mongodb/lib/operations/execute_operation.js:70:5)
at handleCallback (/opt/genieacs/node_modules/mongodb/lib/utils.js:102:55)
at /opt/genieacs/node_modules/mongodb/lib/operations/find_one.js:29:9
at /opt/genieacs/node_modules/mongodb/lib/utils.js:674:5


Hello, have any got luck to use this tool?